Statue Of Dog Called Leo Who Saved A Little Girl’s Life Is Placed In Local Park To Watch Over Children

Statue Of Dog Called Leo Who Saved A Little Girl’s Life Is Placed In Local Park To Watch Over Children

Everybody loves an underdog – mostly because they tell the tales of unlikely heroes who can be found in the most unexpected places – and I gotta tell you folks, this story, as sad as it is, is absolutely no exception.

The unlikely hero of this story? Well, let’s just say he takes the term underdog to a whole new level. A brave little dachshund took on a bullmastiff while it dragged a completely terrified 11-year-old girl down the street by her little arm. Sadly, the teeny tiny hero made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting the little girl and lost his life. His memory, however, lives on in everybody who has been inspired by his story.

Police located in the northern Serbian town named Pancevo reported that the vicious mastiff, who is normally kept inside a cage, had managed to wangle its way out of it while its owner was away.

It had then run right into the street where it then ferociously attacked the unsuspecting little girl, who was playing on her roller skates by biting her arms and legs, while also attempting to drag her back into its cage.


As the helpless little girl screamed for help, a man was (somewhat luckily) walking nearby with his trusty little dachshund named Leo, which then immediately ran over and bit the mastiff on the leg, sparking a fight between the two animals.

Tragically, poor, brave little Leo was fatally wounded, however, his incredible intervention had allowed the little girl, whose name is Sofia Vucetic, to escape unharmed.

An eyewitness named Milica Panajotovic, 35, said:

‘The girl spotted the dog running towards her because it was barking, but she had no chance to get away, and it knocked her flying…”
 “…It then grabbed her arms and legs and was biting her and then started to drag her by the arm back to its cage. I was just struck dumb and unable to move, and there was a man walking his Dachshund as well who seemed frozen to the spot. But his dog which was off the lead when it saw what was happening ran over and started barking at the bigger dog, and then tried to bite it on the leg. This distracted the mastiff that turned around and started fighting with the dachshund. Of course, it wasn’t a very even battle and the Dachshund was badly wounded.”

“…But the child managed to get away from the mastiff while it was attacking the Dachshund.”

As other witnesses appeared a couple of them took the child away to safety while three other men grabbed sticks and used them to drive off the riled-up mastiff.

They eventually managed to rescue Leo, but he was very badly hurt and even though a vet was called and an emergency operation carried out… sadly, he was unable to do anything to save the four-legged hero.

Its distraught owner said he had named the dog Leo because although it was tiny it had never been afraid of anything and had a heart as big as a lion… and well, he clearly more than proved that.

Leo’s owner said:

“Everybody loved Leo, he was so kind and playful. We will miss him terribly, but will always remember he saved a child’s life. He really is a hero dog. He will never be forgotten…”


“…He was a really laid back dachshund, but he obviously saw the child was in danger and his natural hunting instinct kicked in and he went to attack the other dog to save the girl.’

My hero!

The injured girl’s own mother said:

“My daughter Sofia was very scared and traumatized. Her left hand was all bitten. It was horrible.

She was very shaken up. The dog pulled her around like a rag doll, banging her around.

I can only imagine what could have happened if that little dog was not that brave. We were praying for the dog. He saved our daughter’s life.”

Neighbors have now gotten together and put up a memorial to Leo so that people will always remember the dog’s bravery, which ultimately led to the child’s life being saved.

One said:

“We want to make sure the dog is honored. If the dog had not jumped to the rescue the little girl could have been killed.”

Dachshunds are known to be playful, but as hunting dogs, they can be quite stubborn, and are known for their propensity for chasing small animals, birds, and tennis balls with great determination and ferocity. Either way, I know I’ll certainly never forget the story of brave little Leo and the little girl he saved that day!