A Beautiful Horse Gets Mauled By A Lion And A Tiger During The Chinese Circus

At a circus in China, a lion and tiger attack a horse while trainers whip them to stop the encounter. The video shows the shocking moment when a lion and tiger start biting a horse during a rehearsal.


In the footage, you can see the tiger pouncing on the horse’s back. The lion was sinking his teeth into the horse’s legs. The workers stepped in and whipped the beasts to save the horse. According to the workers, the horse sustained minor injuries.


According to Mr Xu, the member of the circus staff, the crew training a lion and tiger to ride the white horse. This incident happened in Congzhou, Hebei Province in December 2017. The video was recorded with a mobile phone. You can see the video horse running in circles in the ring while a lion is gnawing from bottom. The tiger is also chasing him ready to attack.


Mr Xu clarified that this is the law of nature. Both tigers and lions are the most powerful wild animals. Horses belong to a different species. In the documents, you may have seen them eating cows. So, this behavior is normal. Four workers appeared on the scene and used whips and long poles in order to scare the predators to release the horse.


Mr Xu explained that the lion wouldn’t attack the staff members as the lion and tiger were raised at the circus. Both the beasts were quite friendly towards the staff members. He was confident that the animals wouldn’t attack the workers.


The white horse didn’t sustain any major injuries and survived the attack. ON Weibo, a user commented requesting the government to investigate and make sure the there was no animal abuse. Another user Joyemiao said that the circus should be shut down. It was animal abuse.


Another user WangxingWX commented that the circus animals had to bear a lot of pressure and the workers tried their level best to prevent a disaster. Keith Guo who is a press officer at PETA Asia told MailOline that captive animals may attack their oppressor.

He also added that big cats go through mental and physical suffering on a daily basis. When they are not in front of the audience, they lie in small, filthy cages. Trainers whip these animals to force them to perform in the ring.