Man Finds Greatest Thing Of All Time On Google Maps

Google Maps is an endless source of fun. Whilst mapping out the world (and space), Google has accidentally photographed everything from freaky pigeon people to aliens.

A constant source of hidden hilarity, they even blurred the face of a cow to protect its identity.

It's now time to shut down the whole endeavor, as this next find cannot be topped.

One Twitter user zoomed in on the Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome, Italy. Keep watching and you'll see why his tweet went so viral.

The cat was caught out by the Google camera, resulting in a photograph where it looks like it's one of your parents answering a video call.

Everybody on Twitter is a big fan.

There's even a hidden bonus cat, for the hardcore cat fans out there, for whom one cat isn't enough.

Largo di Torre Argentina is a square in Rome, which used to house four Roman temples and Pompey's Theater. It's now home to the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, for homeless cats.

In Italy there is a no-kill law for homeless cats, which means there are a lot of them wandering about waiting for Google Maps vans to catch them unawares. This shelter, run by volunteers, sterilizes homeless cats and homes them while they recover.

If you'd like to take a look around, the cat is still there immortalized on Google Maps below.