"There Is No God, No Afterlife", Stephen Hawking Claimed In His Last Book

God doesn’t exist, aliens do exist, and time travel might still be possible, Stephen Hawking says in a book he wrote before his death.

“No one created the universe and no one directors out fate. This leads me to a profound realization: there is probably no heaven and afterlife either. I think belief in the afterlife is just wishful thinking.” - Stephen Hawking (Brief Answers to the Big Questions)

 â€˜There is no God and no afterlife’ Hawking concludes in final book

Released on Tuesday, the theoretical physicist and British icon says in Brief Answers to the Big Questions: "There is no God. No one directs the universe.

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"For centuries, it was believed that disabled people like me were living under a curse that was inflicted by God. I prefer to think that everything can be explained another way, by the laws of nature."

The 76-year-old Cambridge University professor suffered from muscle-wasting disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) that left him wheelchair bound and unable to communicate without the help of a machine for much of his life.

He died in March, long after his two-year prognosis when he was diagnosed at 21. But at the time his book was still incomplete and had to be finished by colleagues and family who tapped into his personal archives.

Published by Bantam Books, he answers questions which were frequently posed to him throughout his life.

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On the topic of extraterrestrial lifeforms, he writes: "There are forms of intelligent life out there. We need to be wary of answering back until we have developed a bit further."

On time travel and teleportation, he is equally hopeful.

"Travel back in time can't be ruled out according to our present understanding," he says, adding: "Within the next hundred years we will be able to travel to anywhere in the Solar System."

Yet the future of science and education causes him great concern, particularly in the wake of political upheaval that has shaken-up the West in recent years.

"With Brexit and Trump now exerting new forces in relation to immigration and the development of education, we are witnessing a global revolt against experts, and that includes scientists," he says.

"What lies ahead for those who are young now? I can say with confidence that their future will depend more on science and technology than any previous generation's has done."

On shaping the future, he advises his young readers in the book's final chapter: "Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet."



  1. I feel sorry for Stephen and his beliefs . . . .he has doomed himself. God gave him so many chances to "get it right", by extending the prognosis of his life expectancy, yet he chose to believe that there is nothing else - well, my friend, for you there is nothing else. Who ever would think that no one created this world and what is in it? Come on, it didn't just appear suddenly or was always here . . . .no, wrong, he just couldn't get it right. Yeah, I feel sorry for Stephen. His life was bad enough, now his afterlife will be non-existent.

    1. If there is a afterlife it dosent really matter if he belives in it or not, he will still find out.

    2. "god gave him so man chances/extending the prognosis" . . . is that your opinion or did you go up a mountain and had a chat with your god and he told you that?

  2. Religion is a malignant, egotistical force. The most heinous atrocities have been committed in the name of a god. Delusion no longer belongs in a world finally growing up. I would pity you if you were not the scurge of society. The human race stands on the preciface of intellectual greatness, do not let the mentally ill tear away at logic and reasoning with guilt and fear ridden depravities. It is time to put childish things away.

  3. A question to that gentle person "ALWAYS THINKIN": Can you tell me if something (or someone) created you, who created the creator?

  4. When we all accept that there are no Americans, British, or whatever country you come from but in fact we are the Human Race on this earth and that a Greater Power exists and not God you will then be ready for the changes in the universe and this Earth!! Rewrite History and Religion.

  5. What existed before time and space is the question I really wanted to ask Stephen Hawking and all atheist about if the could probably answer this question the could had known what created the Universe.

  6. I recently heard a Evangelical prophet say she was given a vision of hell by Jesus and when she toured this hell, she saw Stephen Hawking burning in hell. I thought it was the meanest thing I'd ever heard anyone say. Wasn't the hell he endured on earth suffering with ALS for the vast majority of his life punishment enough for whatever wrongs he may have committed. Do we believe in a just, forgiving and compassionate God or not?

    1. The world is full of imponderables.....Wish we knew …. I think only those who stubbornly hang on to hell receive it. At least it is a comforting thought.

  7. None of you/us knows anything unless you have tasted death and even then it is questionable. Faith is key. Religion is a malignant force, belief not so much. Personal experience may be the best thing you can have and yet we delude ourselves into believing a bunch of nonsense.


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