The Jaw-Dropping Photographs Of The Milky Way As You've Never Seen It Before

These are the spectacular images of the night sky showcasing the magnificence of the Milky Way in all its glory. Captured by Russian ambulance driver Boris Dmitriev, 30, the stunning images expose the beauty of the night sky looming above rural Russian meadows and Georgia's mountainous landscapes. Using a Canon 6D camera and a number of lenses, Dmitriev is able to take his starry pictures with a specialized Vixen Polarie star tracker mount.

He said: 'There's nothing quite like photographing the night sky. I photograph where I travel. We are blessed in this part of the world with the beauty of the Crimea, the meadows in mid-Russia and the strength of the North Caucasus Mountains. The finest thing about night shooting is the chance to stay alone with nature, space and also to move apart from the framework of human perception.'
Dmitriev added: 'I love that the images look almost-supernatural. It makes you comprehend that we are the part of the Universe and here, you became nearer to it.'

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