This 3-Minute Animation Will Change Your Perception of Time

We all know that Earth is old, but it's hard to put into perspective just how old it is. After all, what does 4.5 billion years really mean? How do you even comprehend that amount of time with our short-lived human brains? Well, Business Insider has done a pretty incredible job of it in this 3-minute animation, by displaying the timeline of Earth if time was the distance from Los Angeles to New York. And, oh boy, our world-view will never be the same.

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  1. As soon as the fictitious Jesus is mentioned it loses any credibility

    1. Really that is your problem? Jesus wipes out, a man mentioned in history, the program didn't say Lord or Christ, just Jesus was crucified, and it wipes out your credibility? OMG, the next one might mention Buddha. And that would mean the the Punic wars were false because it was at that time some of the earliest schools teaching Buddhism were formed. I am sorry your world is so easily shattered by the mention of a name.


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