Vulnerable Puppy Alone On Vacant Street Dragged A Sign Around His Little Neck


A small, lonely puppy was found on the street. While it was very unusual that he was alone, what made it even more so was what was tied around his neck. 

At only 8 weeks old, the scared little puppy, who was whimpering non-stop, had an awkward sign placed on his neck that said: “I need a home.” Who knows how many people walked past and did nothing! Finally, a woman saw the puppy and called the rescue organization.

They came immediately to pick up the puppy. He seemed in good health but he was certainly hungry and thirsty. The rescue group says a lot of puppies are abandoned in this part of the world because having pets spayed or neutered is too costly.


Of course, dog owners have no excuse to leave an animal to fend for itself, but sadly it happens. The rescue group brought the puppy back to their headquarters where he was properly assessed. Medically speaking, he’s in good health.


The next step is to place him with a foster family until he can be adopted. Since he’s so young, he will likely stay with his foster until he’s around 12 weeks of age. The poor little guy is now in no danger. He will never be left behind again. He will never have to worry about going hungry. He’s safe and sound!

Click the video below to see a reenactment of his rescue.

*The video below is a reenactment of the rescue. While the rescue group is out doing their job, they do not attempt to film since they have their hands quite full. They film reenactments since it is the best way for the group to share their story with their followers.