Multinational Companies Poison And Shoot Animals For Palm Oil

It is estimated that fourteen Borneo pygmy elephants were poisoned in the Malay region of Sabah, Malaysia. Strange animals are considered a pest in oil palm plantations , and fewer and fewer are left because of this.

A forest ranger in the area recounted one of the moments that most impressed him in his life.

"I have seen a baby elephant trying to wake his mother with a trunk while he was dying. She had been poisoned, along with 13 other animals. "

The ranger mentioned that he did not want to reveal his identity.

His bodies had been in the land of Yayasan Sabah for four weeks, a state group of palm and wood oil. All the animals belonged to the same herd, which inhabited the edge of the reserve in the rainforest.

Malaysia's economy currently depends on exports of wood and palm oil . That is why the forest areas where it rains, are uninhabiting animal species to continue their plantations.

An enormous wealth of animal and plant species is being lost, among them rhinos, orangutans, elephants and species of monkeys in danger of extinction.

The Minister of Sabah, Musa Aman, promoted the deforestation of the area by providing the necessary permits to clear the forest and start the palm oil plantation.

This man is also the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the state group of Yayasan Sabah. This began in 2012, when the company began to clear another 80,000 hectares of rainforest for its plantations.

Let's get this far and begin to generate awareness and justice for our animal world. It can not be that these types of atrocities are allowed.