Fishermen Rescue Arctic Fox Stranded on Floating Iceberg and Nurse It Back to Health

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Thanks to a group of fishermen, an Arctic fox stranded on an iceberg is back on dry land. A crab fishing boat working off the eastern coast of Canada discovered the Arctic fox about 4 miles offshore as they passed by an iceberg.
“We seen something on the ice. Wasn’t sure what it was,” shared Alan Russell, a member of the crew. “So we got up closer to it. It was a little fox, Arctic fox. And he wasn’t very big. He was soaking wet, and the gulls was trying to pick at him.”
At first, the crew tried to coax the fox onto the boat, but the animal was too frightened to let them come closer. So, they used their boat to knock the ice into the water and then fished the fox out with a net. The crew placed the wet fox in a plastic tote pan used for crabbing and on their next stop in town, got sawdust to put in the pan to help dry the fox out, as well as some food they hoped it would find tasty.
The fox’s meal of choice? Vienna sausages. After feeding the Arctic fox for several days, the crew released the animal back into the wild. During the fox’s time on the boat, the animal became used to the crew, warming up to them since they were giving it food.
So how did the Arctic fox get stuck in the first place? Russell assumes that the fox was looking for food on solid sea ice that then broke up and floated into the water. Luckily for the fox, the crew came to its rescue. And since releasing the fox, the crew has spotted their friend again, looking happy and healthy in William’s Harbour.

A Candian crabbing boat came upon an Arctic fox stranded on an iceberg.

After rescuing the fox, the crew nursed the animal back to health—feeding it Vienna sausages—before releasing it into the wild.

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