Animal Lover Creates 'Wheelchair' For Disabled Goldfish

An animal-lover has gone above and beyond to help his disabled pet goldfish by creating a special underwater 'wheelchair' device to help him keep afloat. How cute is that?

Henry Kim, 32, has more than 20 goldfish in three different aquariums at his house in Seoul, South Korea, so it's fair to say he's a bit of an enthusiast.

So much so that when he noticed some of his fish had begun swimming upside down and then eventually dying due to a swim bladder disorder, which makes fish float to the top or sink to the bottom of the tank, he decided enough was enough and set about creating something to help them.

Kim calls the small plastic device a 'wheelchair' and it helps to keep fish upright while under water.

He says he got the idea for his invention after spending a lot of time researching on the internet and combining the information from a number of different tutorials to create the little 'wheelchair', which he says will help his fish live longer.

Henry said: "Swim bladder disorder can be caused by many reasons such as overeating or unclean waters.

"I normally find it in fish that have been imported to Korea from Thailand or China.
"Fish with this issue only live a couple of months, but thanks to this device, one of my fish has lived to be five months old.

Henry Kim wanted to help his disabled goldfish so began researching online. Credit: Caters

"My wheelchair helps them stay afloat and have a longer life."

Earlier this year, an adorable duck got himself a specially adapted wheelchair so he could cut about the place after being born with a bad leg.

Merlin the duck lives at the Goats of Anarchy Sanctuary (fantastic name) in Annandale, New Jersey, where staff spotted that his lame leg meant he couldn't walk or swim properly.

So they got on to Walkin' Pets, a business which makes bespoke walking aids and wheelchairs for all manner of animals.

After being fitted with his new wheels, Merlin is able to play about with his other duck pals.

Walkin' Pets Mikayla Feehan said: "We took a road trip to New Jersey earlier this month to visit Goats of Anarchy, who rescue disabled animals.

"Merlin was born with an injured leg and they reached out to us to fit him with a wheelchair.

Merlin the duck has a specially-made wheelchair to help him move about. Credit: SWNS
"We have never made one for a duck so one of our engineers adjusted a mini quad wheelchair just for him. Watching him take his first steps was really cool. 
"Once he was all rigged up, it was truly amazing. It's not every day you get to see animals take their first steps.

"The wheelchair can go into water - we would just recommend avoiding salt water to keep the wheelchair in tip-top shape."