Parrot Alerts Owners To Drug Raid By Shouting 'Police!'

Parrot Alerts Owners To Drug Raid By Shouting 'Police!'
In what is quite possibly the weirdest news I've heard today, police in Brazil have seized a 'lookout parrot' that alerted its owners while they were carrying out a raid on the house.

The little bird was heard to shout 'mama, police!' when officers from the Military Police 17th Battalion arrived at the home in Teresina, Piauí, on Monday. This prompted police to believe the bird must have been specially trained as a 'lookout'.

Speaking to Ultimo Segundo, Major Mello of the Military Police 17th Battalion said: "He must have been trained for that.

"He began to scream as soon as the police approached."

The property belonged to a woman named only as India, who has previously been arrested twice for drug dealing.

During the raid, her husband Edvan, 30, was found to be in possession of four packages of crack cocaine.

The couple's daughter, 16, was also taken in after she was found with cannabis in her underwear. She was later released after appearing in front of a judge.

The parrot is reportedly set to be transferred Environmental Police Battalion to the Teresina Zoo.

The bird will spend three months learning how to fly before it will be released, the Guardian reports.

It seems the parrot is no grass, though, because since being with cops it has refused to speak.

A reporter who met the bird wrote: "So far it hasn't made a sound ... completely silent."

While vet Alexandre Clark, confirmed that it was keeping shtum, saying: "Lots of police officers have come by and he's said nothing."


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