There’s A Petition To Get Anti Vaxxers In Plague Inc As A Buff

Like Flat Earthers, traffic jams, and the musical stylings of Peter Andre, anti-vaxxers are an unfortunate reality of the world.

These are people who, for whatever reason, believe that not protecting themselves and their children against any number of potentially life threatening diseases is the right thing to do.

Obviously it’s the right of these people to do whatever they wish, and we certainly wouldn’t suggest forcing vaccinations on people who are dead against them (dead being the operative word).

With that said, there are those who actively campaign against anti-vaxxers and all they stand for in a number of imaginative ways. One such way is a new petition for the classic PC game Plague Inc.

For those that haven’t heard of it, Plague Inc. is essentially a management/tycoon game, but instead of running a zoo or becoming a property mogul, it’s your job to wipe out the entire planet with a deadly plague. It’s bloody great.

In this new petition, a chap by the name of Eduard Gabrian wants to get anti-vaxxers into the game as a buff, aka something that would actually help spread the plague more efficiently.

It certainly makes sense, especially given that the World Health Organization previously came out and blasted anti-vaxxers as one of the biggest health threats to the planet.

The ‘Petition to add anti-vaxxers as a buff in Plague Inc.’ has 15,906 signatures of a 25,000 goal at the time of writing (February 26). The description of the petition reads simply; “Anti Vaxxers are stupid.” His words, not mine. The comments on the post seem to be full of similar sentiments.

The petition was shared to several subreddits a few days back, where it absolutely blew up and gathered even more support. Though I’d be genuinely amazed if Plague Inc. developer Ndemic Creations actually did anything once the petition hit the mark.

You can sign the petition here.