Dead Great White Shark Found In Abandoned Aquarium Has Got A New Home

Dead Great White Shark Found In Abandoned Aquarium Has Got A New Home

You may have come across the bizarre tory of the dead, preserved shark that was found in an abandoned wildlife park recently.

The two-tonne beast - which has since been dubbed 'Rosie', for some reason - was discovered towards the end of last year by Aussie YouTuber Lukie MC, who claimed the wildlife park was closed down in 2012 'due to offences against wildlife' and for not holding a license to display native animals to the public.

"The shark that is displayed is a five-metre Great White shark," Lukie MC wrote.

"It is dead and is a taxidermy piece... It died in 1998 in tuna fishing nets in South Australia. It is being preserved in this tank in formaldehyde."

The footage of 'Rosie' alone in her tank at the eerie Wildlife Wonderland park in Bass, Victoria, clearly must have struck a chord with people when Lukie MC's video resurfaced recently and went viral. Thankfully, this media attention also prompted people to act, meaning that now she's found herself a new home.

Victoria-based Crystal World and Prehistoric Journeys Exhibitions - which claims to be 'Australia's largest exhibitions of natural history, crystals, fossils and minerals' and is based in Victoria, Australia - has taken Rosie in, following an online campaign to save her after Lukie MC's video resurfaced.

An update on the Rosie the Shark acebook page explained the new publicity had prompted vandals to trespass upon the private property and attempt to smash her tank.

"Neighbours believe these vandals have used sledge hammers to try and break the glass," the post said.

"Large cracks have now appeared and the dangerous liquid, formaldehyde, is slowly seeping from the tank out into the open."

Rosie in her new home. Credit: Rosie the Shark/Facebook

Because of that, people started a plea to 'save Rosie', with the post adding:

 "She needs to be given the final resting place she rightly deserves. Hopefully a museum or aquarium in Australia will come forward and rescue her before it is too late!"

Thanks to Crystal World &Prehistoric Journeys Exhibitions, Rosie will soon go on display to the public, with visitors' donations going towards non-profit organisation Australian Animal Rescue Inc.

Here's hoping Rosie's very happy in her new home!