‘UFO Cloud’ Seen In The Skies Above Moscow

A saucer-shaped cloud passing over Moscow has sparked speculation that aliens are about to land.

It was spotted low in the sky over Andropov Avenue in the Russian capital by a passerby, who took out his phone and started filming.

‘What is that? Aliens? Is it a UFO?’ he can be heard saying in the clip, which he later posted to social media.

The video provoked fierce debate among viewers.

Some were convinced there was something strange about the clouds that day across the whole city centre and speculated more odd events were to come.

‘Oh wow! I also spotted some weird-looking clouds in the city centre that day, but I thought I imagined it. I wonder what will happen next?!’ commented Ilya.

Others mused that it proved the existence of other-worldly beings.

‘I’ve been seeing things like that on the skyline for a while now, but previously they seemed a little less distinct,’ pondered Kate.

‘So does that actually mean that aliens do exist?’

Another social media user remarked: ‘This is the end, isn’t it?!’

A saucer-shaped cloud passing over Moscow, Russia. It fuelled speculation aliens were looming overhead

The large cloud disappears behind a tower block. Social media users were convinced it was an omen – but science suggests it was just a cumulus cloud

But science suggests it was a (much less concerning) cumulus cloud, which are fluffy in appearance.

They form at lower levels of the atmosphere and are generally associated with fair weather.

Large cumulus clouds can produce rain showers if they billow to higher levels.