‘The More I Look at the Universe, The More I’m Convinced There’s No God’, Says deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson is known for his excellent research as an astrophysicist, publishing several works on both science and spirituality. While he openly claims to be agnostic, putting most of his faith in the universe, a recent interview may be evidence that he is losing his faith entirely.

‘The more I look at the universe, the more I’m convinced there’s no God’

During an interview on CBS Sunday Morning, Neil deGrasse Tyson continued his discussion on faith and the universe. While he normally shies away from the concept of God, he was a little more direct than usual. The interviewer asked Tyson directly if he believes in a “creator” or God, to which he replied, “The more I look at the universe, the less convinced I am that there is something benevolent going on.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson Looks for Answers

Tyson has a very scientific mind that looks for evidence-based answers when it comes to spirituality. During the breaking interview, Tyson mentioned a wide range of natural disasters that could make life downright miserable for some people. Hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and diseases can make life on Earth incredibly hard to deal with.

While this may seem like a man denouncing his faith, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Tyson is simply pointing out that there is no evidence of a creator. He later mentions that should science find this evidence, it isn’t an issue. This is simply where science stands as of now.

Tyson goes on to explain that religions are referred to as faiths because they often lack scientific evidence to back them up. This doesn’t mean that they are wrong, just that a person is trusting a philosophy or concept to be right. If the religion had solid proof of a benevolent God, they would be called “evidence” rather than “faith.” Instead of looking to stories for answers, Tyson is encouraging people to look for the scientific evidence in the world around them.


  1. While I like Dr. Tyson, and I find him a brilliant scientist while also being a fairly down to earth kind of guy, this is one area where I kind of have to differ with him. I believe in Science....AND I believe in God. Believing in God is a matter of faith for the very reason that there is no proof of His existence. Within the limits of our abilities, we strive to find proof of the physical universe around us. And that's a good thing - the more we understand, the better we can be at the job of caretakers for this planet. But as we advance in our knowledge and our capabilities, the depth and breadth of our knowledge continues to grow exponentially. Because of that, we as a species are routinely discovering new things about the universe around us - and some of those "new" things are changes to long help beliefs that were at one time considered immutable scientific fact. What that tells me is that there is a limit to what we are currently capable of doing, no matter where we are currently in our timeline. That limit may be mental - we may simply not be able to fathom something that is currently beyond our grasp. Or that limit may be physical - we may not yet have encountered something that will change our perspective on the things we see and experience. But the fact remains that our "facts" - our observed, proved, and accepted proof - can, does, and will continue to change. Therefore, I offer that even the very best scientific minds in the world today are in effect accepting explanations as scientific fact based on faith.

  2. Whatever...whoever...however...the cause of existence, that is God. Even chance could be God. The Truth is, nobody knows the Truth, yet.

    Good, bad. Correct, incorrect, etc., All is of God. God is cancer and the cure. It's all God. Hitler and Captain Kangaroo...both God. You are, we are a process taking place with the final outcome being: Complete knowledge, ability and understanding of all universal possibilities and the opportunity to act once achieved. God is Perfect and the universe is alive and what does all life do? It reproduces...so will the universe. It will divide and make a near perfect copy of itself (mitosis) but it needs our help. Humans are the DNA of the universe.


    ☮️ and love
    God is Perfect

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    1. Easy. A process of both chemical neurological reactions and social pair bonding caused by hundreds of thousands of years of social interactions to build a utilitarian and culturally-symbolic working society. It ain't magical.


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